Journey to Gratitude: Days 22-25

So….I missed a few days. Life happens, and I would either forget, fall asleep, or just run out of time. So here are the things for which I am thankful these past few days…

Day 22:
Today I am thankful that my efforts in social media marketing for my coaching business is finally gaining some traction. I had all positive insights this past week on Facebook, as well as 7 new followers on Twitter!


Day 23:
Not only did I have a delightful conversation with another coach who found me on Twitter, but I was able to do some power walking while I did it! Today, I am thankful for the power of networking through social media. I am also thankful for technology, which allows me to do this coaching job while on the move – quite literally!


Day 24:
Today I am thankful for a little family exercise time – a rare gem, indeed! Blaine had an unexpected day off (probably the last Saturday for several months, since his baseball season begins in one week), so Blaine, Bella, and I all went up to the school gym and had some exercise time together.


Day 25:
Today I am thankful for DVR, which allows me to watch my favorite shows on my own schedule. We binge-watched the first 4 episodes of “Celebrity Apprentice,” which was quite entertaining, in a trashy guilty-pleasure kind of way.