Month: December 2014

So You Think You Need a Change (Job Change, That Is)


As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 begins to peek from around the corner, many folks begin contemplating their New Year’s Resolutions. Among those thoughts of resolutions is often a feeling of restlessness about one’s job. Maybe you feel unappreciated. Maybe you’re bored. Or maybe you’re just ready for a new challenge.

Before you start dusting off that resume and crafting your letter of resignation,or worse yet, making rash decisions about going back to school of some kind (which can cost thousands of dollars), take some time to think about why you are restless. Most employees fall out of love with their job because they don’t feel engaged and challenged, and they don’t feel engaged and challenged because their employer is not leveraging their strengths. But what does that mean?

We are all naturally good at certain things. Sometimes it is a matter of being able to perform certain tasks with ease, and other times it is a matter of how you handle life in general. For example, some folks are naturally good at organizing things, while others may be generally kind and generous. So what are YOUR strengths? CLICK HERE to take a test that will rank your top 24 character strengths.

Another great personality test to find out your strengths and limitations is the Color Code test, which assigns one of four colors to your personality. Based on your personality color, you have some natural strengths, but also some natural limitations (or as some would say, weaknesses). CLICK HERE to take the Color Code test.

So now you’re armed with an idea of your natural strengths. Now what? My Career Discovery Questionnaire will walk you through your next steps, including what jobs may utilize these strengths.

CLICK HERE to download my Career Discovery Questionnaire


Did you learn anything new about yourself? Did you find some new career choices that you may not have known existed? Better yet, is there a way to incorporate these strengths into your current job to give your job new life?


What are your next steps? A Coach can help you map out an action plan to achieve fulfillment in your job, which can also provide better overall life satisfaction and fulfillment. Contact Jenny today for your FREE Discovery Session to find out if coaching can help improve your life! Start winning YOUR life TODAY!