About Jenny K. Brown

april photo shoot - full body


Jenny Kay has over 15 years of experience in leadership and management roles, which has included supporting Corporate Executives and Business Owners. With experience in entertainment and theatre, fitness, retail, and restaurant industries and working with Corporate giants like Chick-fil-A, Walt Disney World, Bath & Body Works, and Dollywood, Jenny has a diverse background from which she pulls valuable lessons on how to succeed in both business and personal life. Now Owner of Kinetic Performance Coaching, Jenny provides both business and personal coaching to people from all walks of life – helping people to create an action plan for how to succeed in reaching their goals. Whether you need to grow sales in a new or existing business, or just need to shed a few pounds or gain control of your financial situation, Jenny can help turn overwhelming situations into achievable goals. Together, uncover the obstacles keeping you from your goals and map out a realistic action plan to accomplish those goals.


Some people seem to have numerous blessings handed to them on a silver platter. I have not been that blessed. I have been dealt a tough hand of cards, and have been faced with fighting my way through every moment in my life.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Having faced and survived numerous obstacles myself, including dysfunctional family, bankruptcy, severe pre-eclampsia and premature birth of my twin girls, loss of one of those twins after 9 weeks on this earth, and loss of my mother through a tragic accident, I am not just a coach who sits back and tells you how to have the perfect life. My coaching strategies come from years of experience of having fought my own battles. My coaching strategies teach survival and progress. My coaching strategies provide winning solutions for life.


To find out more about Business or Life Coaching -OR- to book Jenny for Workshops and Speaking Engagements, please CLICK HERE.


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